Monday, January 18, 2016

"Peaceful Day"

Good morning world!!! I woke up, ran into into the garage, opened the kiln just to see how my piece turned out. I actually like it!

Here is my completed piece: "Peaceful Day"  for donation to the SaySi "small scale art for a larger cause" The silent auction is on March 25, 2016. Once all the artwork is in they will have it available online. If anyone is interested in purchasing art before the silent auction they pay the retail price, or more, if they feel generous.  I will post the link with all the artwork once is't available.

                                                     "Peaceful Day"    7"x 9"                $120.00
                            Powder fused glass drawing with painted background in shadow box


  1. Stunning! Glad to see the kiln is up and running in its new home.

    1. Thanks Lisa! just running the small Skutt on a 110 right now. waiting for the 220 to be hooked up...