Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rockport sunset

There is something calming about water, the smell of sea salt in the wind, and a great sunset.  This was my first time venturing down to Rockport, TX.  The main reason we all wanted to go was to see the pavilion my daughter participated in building with the architecture studio she was in this past semester. The pavilion won design excellence out of all the studios. It was built in Goose Island state park in the youth camping area.  As my daughter was telling us all about the details of how they built structure, and the tables, she also told us that the park will be planting native vines to grow up on the wire wall and native plants around it.  I think the boy scouts and girl scouts who camp there will really enjoy this!

The park also has one of the longest fishing piers I have ever seen.  We fished until the sun started to go down and a freezing wind started to pick up.  It was so calming to watch the water move and the sun go down.  I think I will go back and visit soon.


  1. Your daughter is as talented as she is beautiful.

    1. Thank you! I'm just thankful that she's following her heart.