Monday, October 19, 2015

September to October

Since I have been missing in action for over a month, I think two blog posts in one day wouldn't  be too bad.

Lets' continue from September 10th where I signed a contract to sell our home without any plans of where we were going to live.... It was the most stressful week in out lives! both my husband and I couldn't sleep, eat or function normally. our stress levels were high, our blood pressure was high and i couldn't keep anything in my stomach.  What a way to loose a few pounds, not good!  We didn't realize how bad the rental market was until we started looking. Let me say this, the bones of our house were broken (foundation), but in no means was my home trashy. Well that is all that was out there in our price range, trashy houses! The kicker was that the landlords wouldn't even call us back when we said we have pets. Within 24 hours we decided to purchase a new home. Hired a Realtor, looked at 30 homes the first week and by the following Saturday (9/19) we were under contract......
Now we had to pack, rent a storage, and do a garage sale. I called my cousin in New York freaking out, so she flew down and cooked dinner every night, packed and she organized my very first garage sale. ( I normally donate during spring cleaning). She was a blessing!

Meanwhile the contract for the sale was closing on 10/14. the contract for the purchase was 10/29. I truly feel blessed that I am in the real estate field and know some very good people. My loan officer, and friend, pushed my loan through and we closed on 10/14 for both sale and purchase and I was moving in that same afternoon.  My cousin was still here so not only did she help me pack, but she helped unpack. I love her! After two weeks of hard work, she finally flew back home this past Friday.

Today was my first day at work since the October 9. I took a nice lunch break outside in the 80 degree weather, and things are finally feeling like normal.

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