Sunday, November 2, 2014

weekend of success

I'm home now, relaxing on the computer....  The Uptown Art Stroll was a HUGE success! My interpretation of success is not only counted by the sales I made, it was a success because a LOT of people showed up at the event! I believe EVERY artist sold something at this show! It was amazing. Even though the majority of the artists at the location I was at were glass artists, it was such an extreme variety of art. There were also other mediums of art that included a polymer clay jewelry artist and metal artist.

I had the smallest display of all the artists, with only one table to show my art, but I was happy with it!  I met wonderful people, was invited to participate in other art shows, and I have the opportunity to (possibly) do a few custom pieces.  However, I do need to mention that my first customer of the day, was my first and favorite drawing teacher from St. Philips College (from a few years back). We didn't recognize each right away, until I heard her voice and recognized her braided hair!  It was a wonderful little reunion!

I forgot to take a picture the first day, so here is my setup from the second day, minus a few items that I had sold :)

This was the 14th annual event of Uptown Art Stroll in Olmos Park in San Antonio. Twenty homes in the area participated, many of them with guest artists.  I hope I can participate in this event next season!

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