Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday, productive Sunday...

The past few weekends have been busy for me, but not in my studio or in my home.

This weekend  I decided to take care of my house that seems I have neglected for a long while now, and put off studio time for after Thanksgiving. (I really did want to have the stained glass bathroom window finished before Thanksgiving but whatever :)

I decided to freshen the kitchen up a bit, a detail cleaning of the cabinets, new kitchen curtains, and a removal of a vast collection of vases that stood tall on the shelf over my kitchen cabinets.  I don't know how the collection started, but it did. Over the last 20 years my husband and brother would bring me flowers in very special vases. I decided to remove most of them and store the rest. It kind of feels empty, but clean.

I also decided to spruce up the kitchen chairs. The black paint was starting to wear off and I thought it would be nice to brighten them up. I went out and bought spray paints, a different color for each chair.  I have to go back for a second can of each color, but this was the project this evening.


  1. The chairs look great! Did you change your blog platform? I never used to be able to comment and now apparently I can!

    1. thanks! Yes, I had to go through google + to adjust the setting becaue I was only getting a repeat of my own blog in my comment section, and had to delet it evry time I posted and didn't know why.

    2. Replying from my IPad isn't working for me, I may just have to break down and get glasses so I can spell correctly!

  2. Love the chairs. I've also decided to stay out of the studio and freshen up the house.

  3. Thanks! We need to stay out of it once in a while just to "refresh"!

  4. that looks so fresh and clean... I as had your energy and inspiration, nice job