Friday, November 7, 2014

Back to the drawing board

Last weekends art show left me with my creative juices flowing.  I wanted so much to get up Monday morning and get working in my studio, but as life has it, I had to venture off to my day job that supports me.  The time change and rainy weather this week didn't help either when I got off from work.  Last night I decided that I would venture out and purchase a few pieces of glass.

For the last few years I had been working (procrasting) on a bathroom window that I wanted to create over the vanity. Needless to say, the design I had created all those years ago of birds and branches, and all the glass that I cut, has now been scrapped. I decided that I am going with what comes naturally easy to me, a loopy abstract design of pale blues, yellows and greens.

So far I've picked my blues and green. Now on the hunt for a pale yellow.

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