Saturday, November 29, 2014


 It wasn't our usual houseful of relatives and friends coming and going all day this year for Thanksgiving, which felt a bit different, but the good part: I didn't have to have the food ready by 11am.

The kids came home for the Thanksgiving break. My brother and his girlfriend cooked the Turkey and stuffing and brought it over. My husband cooked the ham and lamb, on the grill, while I made and a variety of side dishes. Pretty east day for me, it was laid back and quiet, and we all sat down and ate Thanksgiving dinner together.

We enjoyed dinner, talked and then we all relaxed.  Just a pleasant Thanksgiving Day.

Oh yeah,  I finished painting the kitchen chairs Tuesday evening and they  were completely dry by Wednesday. What I didn't take into consideration was the smell when I decided to use spray paint. I left them outside and brought them in Thursday morning, I really lucked out because the smell was very faint by then.

Tonight we decorated for Christmas, the kids decorated the tree, I decorated the mantel, and my husband the outside of the house.   It was a really nice day.