Thursday, October 30, 2014

Art and all the stuff I didn't finish

I went on a painting frenzy last night to complete the backgrounds for the shadow boxes and finish painting the ocean scene. I also painted a couple of abstracts that seem more like a background waiting for the main character to show up instead of being finished pieces. (I'll put these to the side until later)
Abstract 1

Abstract 2

When I woke up this morning my ocean painting definitely needed more work on the "sunrise"which turned into a moonlight by the end of tonight!

The shadow boxes turned out pretty nice, but it seems they do need some type of lighting on the inside.  If they don't sell at the show I will work on that later. I created the drawings using Iron oxide powder and fused it on Tekta Bullseye glass (1250 F).
"Shimmy Flowers"


I had more ideas in my head that I wanted to create but have run out of time. I'm also a bit disappointed that my brother who was going to collaborate with me to make a wood frame for the "Celestial series of Nine" a is not able to work with me due to a busy schedule. Now I'm thinking about hiring a welder to create a metal frame to allow natural light through the pieces.

"Celestial Series of Nine"
(shown on my light table)

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