Monday, October 13, 2014

favorite colors and my loopy design

When I draw out a design for glass, I tend to draw loopy abstracts. I love drawing the loops and then figuring out what colors go where, filling it with blues, purples, greens and fuchsia.  I have created this type of design many times in the past for leaded windows, copper foil panels and a fused glass disk that my candles rest on.

This weekend I designed a 27" x 21" pattern and colored it with chalk pastels (chalk is so much fun to use!).  The design was intended to be split out in in 9,   9"x 7" glass pieces. I am currently in the process of grinding the glass to fit together and hope that once I am done, the firing process goes well and my pieces turn out.

Here is a peak of where I am currently:

                                             Celestial series of Nine

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