Saturday, July 19, 2014

Adventure Time!

I decided for my first adventure that I need to go to places in San Antonio that I have never been before. I got a pleasant surprise as my daughter decided she wanted to tag along!

Even though I started off around noon today, we decided to skip lunch and have cappuccino along with a couple of delicious chocolate macaroons and a fruit tart at Bakery Lorraine. The quaint little bakery was inviting and the atmosphere was great! Everything was delicious and I think I will be putting this place on my list of " definitely going back!"

After having our treat, we headed to Art Space located downtown.  It was an interesting exhibit, but it wasn't our cup tea.  Since my daughter had never been to Blue Star, I decided this would count on my adventure.  I knew something would excite us at Blue Star, and sure enough we both fell in love with the installation Plexus No. 26 by Gabriel Dawe. The installation was big, colorful, beautiful and the lines were PERFECT! Standing in the middle of the room between the two installations was a pleasurable experience!

We capped off the night by picking up my youngest son, and the three of us a had a really good dinner out together!

It was a very nice Saturday adventure.

(Picture taken by my best friend Patti- Banana River)

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