Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Just some thoughts with a lot of unanswered questions

Let me be upfront: I am NOT a medical professional nor any kind of scientist, and I have no background in biology. I sometimes think about Cancer and Autism, and wonder why these occur. Let start with Cancer: I have read stories and articles in the past where couples will become sick with cancer and diagnosed within months or even weeks apart. It makes me wonder, did they pass through some radioactive area together that they weren't aware. Did they eat some chemically tainted food in the past that created the cancer cells? Did they breathe in polluted air while traveling somewhere, maybe even walking in their neighborhood? It make me wonder why and what is triggering the cancer? Those same thoughts occur to me when an individual get cancer as well, but it seems more strange when couples get sick within a small time frame of each other. What outside elements are triggering this. I also wonder if it could be airborne. I have read several articles about research doctors, who actually get diagnosed with the same cancer that they are researching... what is that about???? How about young surgeons that remove malignant tumors and get diagnosed with cancer. Cancer seems to be classified; breast, lung, brain and so on. what if it is just one thing that just happens to land in that space of our body through air or food and nothing more than that? How about Autism? Is it the tests that pregnant women take as part of the prenatal care? Is it because of GMO food, chemically preserved and processed food, is it the pesticides? Maybe the preservatives in vaccines, is it in the air that we breathe???????? WTF is it? That's what is running through my head today.


  1. i have similar questions, but like you no answers. did you read "when breath becomes air" about a neurosurgeon and is diagnosed with brain cancer? its a very moving book.

    1. yes, I have read the book. What a talented young surgeon, and such a tragic story. I have even shared the book with friends.