Monday, March 13, 2017

copyright laws and all that.......

Last week I created the little fused glass piece with Elizabeth Stone's quote “Making the decision to have a baby is momentous, etc... Well I gave that as a gift to a woman I know who just had a baby at 27 weeks. The piece came out so cute that I really wanted to make more of these fused glass quotes to sell, but then I did some research about copyright laws. If the quote is prior to 1923, you can pretty much use it. If the author is alive and well and is a professor at Fordham University, you need to get her permission. I decided not to bother her, and NOT to create any art to sell with her quotes. There are a bunch of other copyright laws in between 1923 and today, and I think they are all important. I wouldn't want someone stealing and making a profit off of art I originally created, so this is no different. So over the weekend I switched gears and drew out some flowers on a piece of 4"x5" glass, and a park with lamp posts on a 6"x9" piece of glass. I took them out of the kiln this morning and when I looked at the flowers I thought I had blurred vision, but it was the flowers that were blurred.... almost like they were the reflection of flowers from the water... I think it may make people dizzy looking at them. As far as the lamp posts in the park, I think I need to add some more details to it. I will post pictures of these pieces when they are "fixed". Here is an informative link by Emily McDowell about using quotes in artwork/products. I love the easy to read chart! Wishing for a beach day right about now!!!


  1. There are so many great quotes the pre-date 1923, you can take your pick of them. I love your quote glass piece and think they would be in great demand!

    1. Thank you! I am on the hunt for pre 1923 quotes now. Hopefully one will spark my interest. Have a wonderful day!!!