Friday, April 1, 2016

Hello there Mr. what are you doing to my wall?

This year's Say Si event was great, minus a few hiccups with their new silent auction bidding system through the phone.  I am not a techy type of person, and I use my phone for phone calls, a few texts and photographs, that's it. To input CC information and any other info on that tiny little screen of my android is not what I do. Anyway, the great news is that by the end of the night I ended up winning the artwork that I bid on.  Yay for me!!!  I love art and a variety of it.  This particular piece of art was done by a student of Say Si. The way I interpret the artwork is that it is a picture of the artist creating a self portrait, and yes, I do like good street art, better known as graffiti. I would list the artist name, but since he is underage I don't want to cause any problems for myself or for him.

"Hello there Mr. what are you doing to my wall?"

As far as the piece of art that I donated, I am pleased to announce that it sold pre auction night, above the retail price!  I hope whomever bought it enjoys it! (this picture of my art is not the best).

"Peaceful Day"

On another note, I mentioned in a previous post that I planted a new rose garden in my front yard. The roses are starting to bloom and my husband picked the first one for me this morning. 
It's so beautiful!!!!!

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