Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Always searching for something more. As far back as I can remember I always wrote lists. Lists of things I need to do, lists of things I want to do. Lists of things I want in life. Sometimes I would even sketch out things that I want, like my art studio. I would imagine it, draw it out and in the end it would be reality. It took time, lots of time and effort, but it did become real.  

I just finished reading "Into the Magic Shop" by James R. Doty, MD. I couldn't read it fast enough. I wanted to read it all, now. I may re-read it, which is unusual for me. I want to share it, but not my copy, its staying with me. I'm telling my friends about it, and I will be buying a copy for each of my kids. I thought it was that good.

I have been searching for a quiet mind through Kundalini yoga. Now I can apply my meditation, and Ruth's "trick's" from Doty's book to help me along. What is it that I really want right now? I want to create beautiful art.

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