Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring time!!

Spring is my favorite time of year! The flowers and trees are blooming, and I've been planting things in my yard and pots like crazy!  We bought two little peach trees with some blooms on them and planted them about two weeks ago. They are already green and have tiny little peaches on them!! I also talked my husband into buying a purple wisteria and planted it up against the back fence in a corner.  I hope to see it travel along the entire fence line and bloom like crazy!! I also created a new rose garden in the front yard. I planted white, purple, red, yellow and pink rose bushes. I can't wait till there all in bloom!!!!  My potted Japanese magnolia also started to bloom!  It's amazing that it flowers first then gets it's green leaves.

 Japanese magnolia

This weekend I participated in the gallery show and I enjoyed it. I didn't sell any art, but it has motivated me to continue creating, so that's a good thing.

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