Friday, August 7, 2015

#1 of 6

Sometimes, even when I have the knowledge I just don't think things through.  For example, depending on the thickness of glass and how high the temperature goes up, the glass has different levels of shrinkage or if it is very think it levels out to 1/4 of inch if the glass is not dammed. 

The six 7"x9" "blank" canvas's are 3mm thick and I took them up to 1425 degrees, which is a full fuse.  Now they are not 7"x9" anymore, they are slightly smaller.....  They are too small to fit in the standard 7"x9"shadow box.  It was a mistake because I just didn't think about it. Now I am thinking about a custom frame that would allow light to come through the sides and still have a painted background.  I need to collaborate with someone.

This is the first of six designs. I am pleased with the outcome of this one.  I am still going back and forth of what I am going to title this series, but I will wait to see how the other five turn out before I decide.    Can you guess what plant this drawing represents? 

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