Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Time

It's nice to wake up to quiet house (hubby went fishing in the predawn hours), turn on some jazz and
move around and clean. I kept the music on all day even when I wasn't home. (I think my cats enjoy the music.)
Going out today I could see that the wild flowers are in full bloom, the sun was out. and the temperatures were in the 80's. Perfect "summer" weather! This time of year is my "summer" where I can enjoy the outdoors before the high heat and humidity rolls in.

For the first time, my oldest son joined me today for some meditative Kundalini yoga. It really soothes the soul, and I absolutely love the Totally Divine Yoga studio.  When we were done I asked my son what he thought of it, and his response was: "it was insightful" so I think that's positive experience he had. I really enjoyed his company today.

When I got back home I had a desire to paint, but I also wanted to be outside, so I decided for the latter and took the dogs to the park for a walk. It was nice to be there among all the people that were out today. The dogs really enjoyed the outing!

I took some picture for inspiration to create some new art.  I think my next project will be in the form of a painting.

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  1. Your days sounds perfect and peaceful. How great to be able to share yoga with your son.