Sunday, March 8, 2015

Rainy Sunday

I follow several blogs and enjoy reading each and every one them.  It's amazing to me that I feel a sense of community, here on the computer, with the bloggers that I follow.  I actually get happy for them when they post something good happening in their lives, and I also feel sad when something sad or bad happens.  One of my blogger friends lost her mother and I feel the tremendous sadness she is going through.  Even though we never met in person, or ever talked on the phone, I just feel a connection with her. I am sad for her loss. No matter how old Mom is, or how sick she is, you always want Mom around.  My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

on another note, today is just a soggy day. I still needed to get out though. I told my husband that I was going to attend a fund raiser that the San Antonio Potters Guild was presenting at the the Southwest School of Art. I also told my husband if he wanted to join me he could, otherwise I was going with or without him.  When I say it like that, he always comes, and it seems he always enjoys himself. (I guess I learned that trick being married to him for 20 years!)  Anyway, we arrived at the 15th annual Empty Bowls benefiting SAMMinistries and WOW!, there were so many beautiful bowls to choose from! We were like kids in a candy store!  The bowls are $20.00 each and once you purchase a bowl you get a bowl of soup and bread for lunch. It was really good!

This year, for the first time, the San Antonio Glass Guild participated with bowls and art for the silent auction. Even though we got there relatively early, the glass bowls were already gone. It was really nice to see familiar faces and talk for a bit.

                                            My hubby's bowl

                                            My bowl

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