Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring break

This is the 3rd year in a row that it's rained for spring break. Definitely not beach weather.

On the flip side, I have had the pleasure to hang out with all three of my kids, at one time, which is a rarity since they all live in different cities.  The younger two arrived on Saturday and we went to visit my oldest in his new apartment on Sunday.  I was lucky enough for them to "allow" me take a picture, forget it if I was to ask to take another since my oldest eyes are closed.

We have been doing nothing more than cooking, eating, and just enjoying each other's company.  

My daughter always takes her little dog Bam Bam everywhere she goes. She is barely 10 pounds and her personality is like a lovable, spoiled, only dog-child.  She needs all the attentions and even gets jealous when my cats come around me, but at least she gets along with my other two doggies we have!   I spiked her gray streak for the picture!

I haven't  gone into my studio in what seems for weeks now, and I feel restless.  I also haven't followed through with the 21 one day cleanse either, which now I'm glad since I have been eating BBQ, chips and other treats!    I'll wait until after spring beak to think about this again.



  1. Your children are gorgeous light filled human beings! Kudos to you for getting a photo of all three together! Enjoy your time with them. These are such special days.

    1. Thank you! it is a special time to have them all around.