Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My spot in the world

Whenever I think about the past places I've lived, fond memories of walking on busy streets among all the people coming and going, shopping and talking.  Recently I visited my childhood summer home and realized that of all the places I lived there is ONE spot on this planet, yes a spot, that is my favorite place in the world. Granted, the weather must be good to enjoy this "spot" and mother nature did not disappoint. I stood facing out to the Atlantic with the sun shining down on me, as the waves of refreshing salt water crashed on the shore. It was in that moment, that I realized my favorite place wasnt about the people that lived there or the shops, it was the feeling that this spot gave me. Tranquility, peace, fresh salty air that filled my spirit. It was the sun shining on my face as I stood in the sand with the waves of the atlantic rushing up my legs. It has always been that spot that drew me back each time.
On this trip, I realized a few things. It doesn't matter where you live to pursue your dreams. It takes babysteps no matter where you are.

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