Thursday, January 31, 2013


                  It's amazing how I trip myself up and create setbacks for myself; all by myself.  I want to cry, but instead I laugh about it because I did it all to myself :)

First off, I knew from reading the rating of my professors they weren't going to be the easiest instructors, but I still signed up for their classes.  Then I procrastinated until the middle of the first week of class before I got around to ordering the books I need.  Are they here yet, oh noooooooo.  When's my test? tomorrow.... :)
So that's one setback.

Now, I've been working on my Say Si glass project for a while now.  The first plate, I decided I didn't like my design. Not a problem, I have time..:)  Designed my second piece this week, cut all my glass. Was ready to clean and put in the kiln.  As I walked to the sink I decided to pick up the phone and call my daughter....bad move, my shoulder up and my hand tilted down "SMASH" half of my design was on the floor in many more pieces than I cut.   Back to the cutting board....  SO now I cut the new pieces, cleaned everything and put in my kiln.  Now I was looking at the base of the glass which is  clear circle, and thought to myself "that is big".  Yes, yes, yes, how right I was.  Instead of taking it back out of the kiln and making the base just a tad smaller I fired it anyway.  Guess what?  My piece is about 1/4th of inch too large for my slumping mold.  hhhmmmm. Well now I face another setback, do I start over?  Do I try to adjust the finished piece and re-fire?   Only the day will tell.

I hope I can think things through a litle better next around to avoid all the setbacks I create for myself.  Happy Thursday everyone!!!!

Just an update: As I logged out, my doorbell rang and the postman was there with my 2 books to save the day!!!!

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