Friday, January 25, 2013

Busy, busy, busy!

Wow! As the spring semester took off this week, I found myself with some very intense, but very talented  instructors.  The demands and challenges are high and I'm hoping to get through the next 15 weeks without anxiety attacks. It feels nothing like last semester where everyone was laid back and the instructors were fun to work with.  Oh well, I'm there to learn and get the most out of it.

On another note, my wonderful husband, brother and brother in-law helped to complete the interior of my studio space and installed beautiful french doors! It is not completely finished, but when it is I will post pics!

An exciting little tid-bit, I was invited (again) by Say Si to participate in their small scale art auction.  I'm working on a piece to donate, and hope to have the it ready to deliver by next weekend :)

Did you know that February 8th is National Kite Flying Day? It's one of my favorite days of the year!
I love flying kites, especially on the beach:)


  1. I have come to know that you are an artist. I am happy to know this....and happy to know you in so many ways Drita. Thanks for inspire me!!!!!
    HA...I will be the one that say's...I know 'That Girl" and she knows me.

    1. Ana, You are an inspiration to me! I love the friendship and support that has blossomed over the time since we met!
      Love ya!

  2. Can't wait to see pictures. Great minds think alike - I just got French doors installed too. But the inside is a huge mess! It'll be a few months till I'm all settled in.

    1. So true Lisa!!! My space is only half of the garage. Currently in the process of tape and float. Hopefully next weekend I'll be painting and getting a small ac installed :) Can't wait till you post pics when yours is finished!

  3. I will definitely have AC, just not sure what kind yet. I'd like the ductless one not the window unit. We are trying to figure out the electric. There will be many 220 plugs so we have to get a new panel and CPS will probably be invovled. We are in the county so we can always add more electric, just takes $$.