Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rockaway Beach Sunset

    Recently, I have had the pleasure in making a new friend on Facebook, Michael Schor. Michael is a photographer taking absolutely stunning photographs of sunrises and sunsets on the shores of Rockaway Beach, NY.  However, before we became friends, another friend of mine on Facebook "liked" one of his photos, (which I loved upon seeing) and asked if I could use the photograph for a project, which he gracefully agreed. The last few weeks I have been working on it and finally thought if I don't stop now, I'll never feel that its finished.

Although I just started painting in the fall of 2012, I find pleasure in it and hope that my skills will grow as I continue on this new journey.   A heartfelt thank you Michael for allowing me to use your photograph!

                                           30" x 36" acrylic

I loved living in Rockaway and waking up to the ocean and the sunrises.  In the evenings I would climb the life guard chair and watch the sky as the sunset!


  1. Hi Drita. I actually took a few minutes to look through your blog. You are very gifted and I see great potential with your art. May this year be full of creativity and inspiration for you.
    Keep on painting.....I am thrilled for you!

  2. Hi Ana! Thank you, and may you have wonderful new year too!