Sunday, April 15, 2012

I love tools!

Just like every artist, I love tools.  I love to collect them, use them and most of all buy them!

My newest tool is a router with it's own table.  I was so  excited with the new purchase that I came home, read the step by step instructions and put it together in about an hour. Now I'm not a carpenter,  It's one thing to read the instructions and put a tool together, it's a whole other story to use the tool. So I waited for someone to show me how to use my new tool :) Well, my husband and my brother were so excited about MY new tool, that they were more than willing to "show" me how to use it. By the end of the night, THEY had completed the wood portion of MY project.  It's all good though!  I took notes and what felt like a math lesson from my brother. Now I'm  confident I can create whatever I feel like:)

Well, the whole idea about getting a router was to create a light box.  I was given a 12"x12" quarter inch thick piece of window glass (I love free glass!) and thought that I could create a piece of art that I could enjoy in my new studio space (when the studio is finished:). Of course I had to create a flower (I love flowers!) and I thought it be nice for it to give off some light, thus the light box.

Light off
Light on

I'm really pleased with the way it turned out and I can't wait to hang it up on the wall!

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