Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Friday Night Ice Fights

I was excited to be invited as an artist to submit a piece of art and a poem at this weeks Friday Night Ice Fights. I have attended the event before and the outdoor atmosphere at the studio is a pleasant one with a mixture of people from all walks of life, hanging out enjoying the space, artwork, and poems that are recited at the poetry slam. In the past, after the poetry slam, the place comes alive with music as a live band plays until the main event. Once the ice sculptors rev up their chains saws and start creating their artwork it's an adrenaline rush as ice is flying everywhere. About an hour later, 2 large beautiful pieces of art are standing in front of the crowd, from what was once huge blocks of ice as people clap loudly for the "better" sculpture!  

I have submitted my "Flower" light box along with a poem written by my friend Debra Powell.  I'll be taking pictures (if I remember my camera:))

Buddy          &     Butter         both are great artists!
Friday Night Ice Fights

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