Sunday, April 1, 2012

Back to the beginning......

Today I went back to the beginning, to my first love.

I had designed a window for my vanity area a couple of years ago and rolled it up and stuck it in the closet.  A few months ago I pulled it out, cut my patterns and felt a sense of accomplishment. Then I stuck everything back in the closet.

Today, the sun was out, it was warm, I felt good, and I had no obligations to do anything or be anywhere. I pulled out my design, pattern pieces, picked out some glass and started cutting away.  I finished cutting all the flowers out this afternoon.  While I worked, I had the same feeling today as I did  over a decade ago when I worked on my first stained glass window, blissfully in my own world, without any sense of time, just lost in the beauty of the art. The only reminder I had that the day had passed by, was my stomach reminding me it was close to dinner time.

Now that I have laid out the pattern with the small portion of cut glass, I can pick out beautiful colors of glass and continue cutting since I will not be sticking everything back into the closet.
                                                    (I did not grind the flowers to shape yet)

The leaves are next......................

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