Thursday, June 15, 2017

Glass, glass and more glass

This week was packed with so many things to do, think about and move forward with. First off I was contacted by the commercial real estate agent for a space that I inquired about in a shopping center about a mile away from my house. The space is intended for a possible art co-op. I stopped by and peaked inside the 605 sq ft space. It was narrow and long with the only natural light was coming from the from of the front of the shop. The good thing was that the owner agreed to a month to month lease. I decided that for the 1056 a month rent + utilities + cost of installing 220 plugs, I needed to make sure that I would like the place well enough to commit, but the bottom line is I just don't like the space.... I'll keep looking. On the flip side my husband called the electrician that installed the 220 in my old studio to come and install one in our garage for my Kiln, YAY!!! I think he is trying to detour my co-op plans however I do appreciate the fact that he wants to make me happy. If I get the plug in the garage, maybe I can just invite some artists over to my house and we can create some art! I hit the glass jackpot the other day! I inquired to my friend, which is a jewelry artist if she had any frit glass (crushed) that she wanted to sell she she is no longer working in glass. Well, she told d me for a "buddy" price of $150.00 i could have ALL her glass! I jumped on it without even asking about the colors because I know that she has good taste, and I know she is a very generous friend with both her supplies and her knowledge. I went to pick up the glass from her house and was pleasantly surprised by the amount and of course I loved all the colors! I estimate the retail value at about $800 worth of glass, so I scored! Before I knew I was buying glass I had committed myself to buying a couple of crates to store glass in from another friend who is downsizing. When I bought them I actually thought to myself why did I buy both since I don't have that much glass, well now I know why!!! I'll pick up the crates end of July and hopefully the garage will be a fully functioning studio for me by then.
10 half sheet & 2 full sheets
a bunch of frit and a few jars of confetti glass!!!


  1. I've always had a fascination for jewels. I think I would get obsessed. ❤️Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Love the comment that your son made. It is all God's house, isn't it? What a masterpiece spoken about in countless scripture references. Now I'm thinking about glass!

    1. I'm glad my post got you thinking about glass! I hope you pursue your fascination!