Monday, June 5, 2017

Art Co-op?

I'm not sure if my attention span will last long enough to see this thru, but I have been inquiring about renting some commercial space near my home to turn into an art co-op, specifically for glass artists. There are two great glass shops, one is almost an hour away and the other is almost an hour and a half away, a bit to far to travel after work. I would just love it if I could leave my day job and go straight to the glass studio and be surrounded by other artists. I think my creativity level might amp up. I am still trying to figure things out financially and realistically. I'm hoping that I can find the right spot at the right price and not scare myself into doing nothing...... My cat Tiger looks concerned and a bit depressed. He has been lonely since he lost his best friend Jake back in November after 11 years of hanging out together. Tiger is 13 now and all he want to do is cuddle.


  1. What a great idea! An art co-op! Do it. Your fellow artists will thank you.

    1. Fear is paralyzing.... and lack of funds can squash things pretty quickly :)