Saturday, June 10, 2017

Artistic talent

Last night if I had $500 in my checking account to spend I would have bought a beautiful peice of art, but I dont have the money so all I was able to do is look at it and tell the artist how beautiful I thought it was. Last fall when my duaghter participated in Luminaria, that is when I first saw the amazing portraits that Kaldric Deshon Dow was exhibiting at the park that evening. With lights coming down on the large protraits they seemed as if the shadows and lights were naturally reflected, but it was his skills coming through. Unfortunately, something is going wrong between my ipad and the blog, so I can't link his site, you're just going to have to google to see his amazing artwork. And the artwork below is the reason I went to show last night. A portrait of a child painted on a patterned fabric.

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