Sunday, May 8, 2016


What does music look like? I'm sure when a person closes their eyes and just listens to the music, it "looks" different in each persons mind. In my minds eye, music pops with color and flows with the rhythm.

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about that little drawing in my sketch book that I painted with water colors. I decided that I wanted to created a similar pattern on canvas, and ended up going much bigger than I first thought I would.  The canvas itself is 59" by 47".  It's not on stretcher bars but on the floor in my studio where I have been working on it every evening after my day job. This weekend I was able spend most of my Saturday working on it, and I just finished this afternoon. I will be making the stretcher bar frame for it, so a few inches will be lost on each side, but that's okay, I'm really happy with this painting!

Here are the pictures from the sketchbook drawing along with the progress and the finished piece.

sketchbook with watercolors

Finished Piece!!! 
(I'm not sure which way is up yet, I'll figure that out later.)

This is what it currently looks like on the floor. I used step stool to take the pictures. 

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