Tuesday, February 23, 2016

limping along

Take foot and insert in mouth. That's what I did when I agreed to having not one, not two, but SIX pieces of art available for a show on March 4th & 5th....  I like the idea that it's a galley show instead of me having to be there for both days all day. Anyway, since I only have my small kiln available I have to create ONE PIECE AT A TIME. Which wouldn't be a problem if I didn't procrastinate, and things didn't sidetrack me.  

This is the first finished piece:

                                        Fused glass birds with painted background in shadow box.

    On another note, I received my official emailed "unconditional acceptance letter from the Incarnate Word University Online program" this morning. My stomach is doing flips, a little from excitement but mostly of uncertainty. My mind just flipflops. If I do this I HAVE to see it through until I'm finished.  It's an investment in myself. I am trying to rationalize the expense of the education, which I believe is going to cost around 40K and take approximately 3 years to complete.  I can buy a 30K+ car to drive to work and around town, knowing that just driving it off the lot it depreciated in value, and if and when I decide to trade it in it will only be worth a fraction of what I paid for it. I am trying really hard to see this education as an investment in myself, for myself without a depreciating factor. Can I see it through till the end???? 

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