Friday, February 5, 2016

Friends and Art

This week has been a very special week for me. I picked up one of my best friends who lives in Kamloops Canada. She was vacationing in Baja Mexico and took a detour to San Antonio instead of going home. I have been enjoying her company, even though I have been working all day leaving her alone at my house during the day.  We spent the evenings together this week talking about our future, our past and creating art.  She is a poet and an artist. We both love working with glass and we both signed up for glass shows promising art that is only in our imagination right now.  I will have an extended weekend, taking off Monday and Tuesday so we we will be creating some art together and firing up my small 110 kiln!

Last night we went to the Mcnay Museum of art and spent the evening amazed of some of the new installations.  I didn't take a picture of my favorite temporary installation (which photographing is  allowed). It was a complete art studio made totally out of cardboard. From floor to ceiling to everything including a cardboard door that lead to a cardboard bathroom, It was amazing!  Here is a link to a few pictures Full Stop by Tom Burckhardt - Cardboard and Paint 2004-2005 - McNay Art Museum.

Before leaving the museum, I made the mistake of going into the museum gift shop with my friend last night. I was admiring a VERY expensive embroidered throw pillow when my friend decided that she was purchasing it for me. I guess I shouldn't admire anything in front her any more!!!! I do appreciate that she likes me that much to buy me the gift, and I will always look at it and remember her.  Today is Friendship Day (according to Facebook at least) so I want to do something special for her tonight before she leave on Tuesday afternoon.
Here is my pillow: (I'm thinking out taking the stuffing out and framing the thing, don't tell her that though!!!!)

I love the colors and the pattern! The embroidery, which can't see in the picture is so detailed and flows with the patterns. (it was the last one out of 150 the museum sold)

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