Saturday, February 21, 2015

Decisions, decisions!

I was very excited to be invited to the Say Si Small scale work for a larger cause. They invite artists from all types of media to donate a piece of their art for a silent auction to raise money to teach kids art. I think that is a worthy cause since so many public schools have cut art from their curriculum.

This year it was difficult for me to decide what piece I should create, and donate. Today is the last day to submit my entry online and drop off the art. Talk about procrastination!

Well, last weekend I cut some clear Tekta to 7" x 9" to fit in a shadow box. I created my piece and was pretty happy with it until I went to put it in the shadow box and realized I was off by 1/8 of an inch on each side. Very disappointing! Meantime I had to leave town on business so no work was done during the week.

This was the piece cut too small: (once placed in the shadow box there would have been a painted background on canvas)

Moving on to a piece I created last night.  Cut the Tekta glass, created another cabin, but I couldn't get it right, like the one above so I created different kind of cabin: 

This one fit perfectly!

The two cabins were created with black glass powders.  A few months back, I had created a few pieces with iron oxide powder. So this pelican was in the running to be donated also.

My husband said he likes the cabin better, but I just really can't decide and it is in the final hours of entry. (I really liked my first cabin!!!)

Any opinions out there?

The cabin has been chosen!!!!! (I added some color to the cabin, I like it much better now)


  1. Hi Drita! Thanks for your visit and comment! What beautiful artwork! I have never seen this done very unique! I really like cabin in the woods too!