Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Coasters, coasters & more coasters!

Yesterday was a cold (Texas cold), rainy day. A good day to finish up some projects.

I went out and got some white foam, cut it up and glued it to the backs of my 4"x4" pieces that I had created in the 30 day Sgraffito glass challenge in January.   I now have plenty of glass coasters though out my house!!!!

On a different note, I was very excited to receive a phone call tonight from the art gallery that my "Celestial Series of Nine" was accepted in the juried art show!  


  1. Great Idea with the coasters! Its nice to see that you are using them! Good for you!

  2. I love your coaster idea! Makes me wish I didn't dump most of mine back into the jar.

  3. Fun idea. And I loved playing with your koi pond. :)

  4. Great idea! I can see you have been a busy lady!