Monday, March 19, 2012

Starfish & Seahorse

I had a beautiful time in Port Aransas with family over spring break and enjoyed my birthday on St. Patrick's Day!

                                                               Pelicans by the jetty

Meanwhile back in San Antonio, I came home to a message that my starfish and seahorse pendants were ready for pick up!  This was the first time I used a water jet cutting service to cut any of my pendants and I was nervous that my new designs weren't going to come out the way I imagined.   This was also the first time this company cut small scale glass pieces and they did a beautiful job!  My pieces came out exactly as I designed them:) Their prices were reasonable and the location is 10 minutes away from my house.   I will be using their services in the future!

23 pieces total from an 8"x8" sheet

                                                          Now it's time to fire polish!


  1. Wow! You look like you have been busy.

  2. Very cool! Can't wait to see them in person!

  3. Well, I'm alomst finished with them! hopefully I will have them all done by the 1st week of April!