Saturday, September 10, 2016

Keep on moving forward

 September rolled in and is going by pretty quick. I can only tell that the season is changing inTexas when I wake up in the morning and can't breathe through one side my nose, otherwise its still in the high 90's and feels like summer.

My day job has been pretty slow lately and staring at the computer, reading all day make my brain feel groggy by the time I leave. Last night I came home, jumped in the pool and stayed there for a long time, just floating around.  It felt good for my brain to be outside of the cubicle and away from the computer.

My daughter is in her 5th year of architecture and currently in the residency program. When I talk with her about her day, it amazes me how creative her job is even as an intern. I am so glad that she decided on a creative career where her mind will be constantly challenged in so many creative ways.
Once her residency ends in December, she goes back to school to finish her spring semester to graduate. I don't know where her career will take her but I look forward to seeing her soar!

On another note, I was working on a fused glass window panel in the month of August. Since I don't have my big kiln hooked up yet, what should have taken me a couple of days took every weekend of
August, but I finished it, and the recipient loved it and and asked for two more just like it. I said no.
Maybe later when the big kiln is hooked up..... Here is the final project:   Ok, so I have to figure out how to upload a picture from my iPad photo album onto the blog....... 
"My Poppies"

So I wasn't able to get the picture uploaded from my Ipad, but I had to figure something out, right?

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