Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Time for a change?

The holidays went beautifully.  I loved having all of my kids at home with us!  I cooked Christmas Eve dinner and had my some of my extended family to come join us.  We talked, we laughed we ate, and just enjoyed being together.

Now the new year is approaching and no matter how I fight the urge to set any resolutions, the wheels in my mind turn.  I am longing for a change. A change in where I live, a change of lifestyle, even a career change..... or not.   My spontaneous nature had been curbed the last 27 years due to my marriage and having children. My children are grown now, and fear of change has set in.  When I was young and spontaneous, I did get into some trouble, but I had fun. Now that I am older I would think I could do some living outside of the office and my home......

hating the suburbs and the cubicle today....



  1. the push and the pull of it all. now that our kids are grown, we are able to reinvent ourselves. it takes time. stops and starts. but in a way, life gives us no choice, and that is probably a good thing in the end. i wish you whatever you dream in 2015.