Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall is for craft fairs

Fall is the time for craft fairs!

I have specific craft fairs that I look forward to every and this year was no different for me.  I knew the first weekend of October, the church by my house would have my FAVORITE fair of the year.  I had two special vendors that I would visit every year to buy some of their crafts.  My favorite was an older couple, he would build bird houses and create wind jigs out of soda cans, His wife would delicately paint the bird houses with bluebonnets and create miniature paintings. Every year their booth was located in the same spot outside and I could see the wind jigs spinning as I would pull into the parking lot.   This year their spot was empty. I was so disappointed.  I asked the people who ran the fair and they didn't know why they weren't there.
So I moved on looking for my other favorite vendor, a doll creator. I had bought several dolls from her over the years and even had a custom mermaid doll created for my best friend a few years back. The doll maker was nowhere to be found either......

As disappointed as I was, I went on the hunt to find some other unique artists, which I did.  I found a great artist that paints on gourds. This was the first time I ever saw her work and it was beautiful.  I came home with a bird house gourd. (I guess there is something about me and bird houses:)

Things never stay the same, I will miss my favorite vendors and hope they return next year.

For now I have four bird houses  in my tree and put my two wind jigs out that I bought last year.

Maybe next year I will start to participate in the craft fairs instead of just shopping at them.


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