Sunday, January 6, 2019

Happy New Year! the project continues....

Happy and Healthy New Year my fellow bloggers!!

Although my art studio/library didn't get finished by Christmas, I have made progress!

Just a bit of back story from my previous blog last month: my brother is building custom bookshelves for me as a Christmas present for my art studio/library. 

I have one bookcase that I am keeping (my brother built it a few years back)  I painted it "treasure map blue" and the walls of the room were painted "bakery box white" which has a blue undertone so the two colors compliment each other.   I was able to finish all that before Christmas.  So now as my brother settles into his new home and organizes his workshop, I am just waiting to have all the other bookshelves pretty soon!

Well, as an artist I LOVE color and I can't just have a blue and white room, so I am excited to share that yesterday I spent 5 hours to complete my 36"octagon stained glass for my window. This will bring additional color to my studio space, especially when the sun shines through in the afternoon.

My art studio/library space is a really nice ongoing project that I am enjoying every step of the way, and I am not sure what I am going to do next when it is finally complete!

So for 2019 I have made a couple of promises/goals for myself as I will be turning 50 this year. 

1. Put in a bit more conversation time with God.
2. Cut sugar out and cut my meals portions in half.  So far it is day 6 and its going good!
3. Work on a business plan for my real estate career.  I am a good, knowledgeable agent, just not a          pushy sales person so I need to be a bit more outgoing to meet people. Day 6 and it's not going so        well as I stayed in all weekend working on art!
4. Pay off some debt. Trying to figure out how is my plan at this moment.

Other than that I am taking each day as it comes, just like I did last year and every year before that.

This afternoon I am enjoying a cup of Greek coffee in the "new office space" as I write to you (it was my son's old room as he has taken his sisters old room!)

   Greek coffee time!

in my garage, with the garage door open, it was a spring like day at 74 degrees!!!


  1. Love love love. The stained glass and the color of the bookshelf

  2. Oh my! That stained glass octagonal window is an exquisite piece of art!

  3. Thank you so much! It took a while to create and finish!