Thursday, July 6, 2017

My Corner

I have a private corner that I keep cherished things.  Toys, gifts, poetry, small paintings and other items.  I can tell you that some items are decades old, some not so old. Each has a story, and usually another person attached to it.  These are the things that to some may seem too childish to keep, but to me they are all memories that make me smile. Since this little shelf is hidden away it is only seen by me... and my husband who gets the other side of this shared space.  I have a few more shelves below this one with other precious things. All of these shelves remind me of the true friends that I have made over the years, and the people in my family that I love very much..... Isn't kind of funny that that real friendships can be counted on one hand (at least that's true for me).


  1. It is for me too. I do not count the amount of friends but the quality of the friendship and with that criteria it's definitely one hand and I feel incredibly blessed to have them.