Thursday, December 8, 2016

Moving on

I met a friend for lunch yesterday and I was telling her that I was waiting to hear if the application I submitted for my art would be accepted and told her I should hear from them by the 4th..... Well it was already the 7th and no notification, which meant they passed my art up. Oh well on to the next venue application!

Call me crazy but I really wish that could afford to buy one of those little old abandoned/dilapidated homes on the eastside of San Antonio for about 15-20 thousand, and fix it up a bit (and paint it a bright color:) for my very own art studio. My husband thinks that an absolutely crazy idea.  I do agree that it is a lot of money to invest just to use as a studio when I don't have that kind of money to begin with.......  He is adamant that I would be happy in a storage shed, in the back yard, with a couple of window of course.  Considering I have no where to work, I may just have to take him up on the storage shed.

I really miss my old studio...... but I love my new house!


  1. The storage shed seems like a good solution!

    1. yes it does :). Something is better than nothing!