Wednesday, November 9, 2016

it's a sad day

I can't believe that Trump has been elected for office. It feels horrible to know what he represents and yet he will be the leader of our country.

Today my daughter had a conversation with a coworker about the election and its outcome.
She was asked how she felt about it and her response was this:

"The realization that I am surrounded by people who hate me because of my skin color and hair, and the fact that you will inherently alway be more privileged than me, and a white man more than you is the most disappointing moment thus far in my life."

It pains me as a mother to know my daughterfor feels like this. All women should be equal, yet we are not treated equally........ we work hatd to earn a living yet we make less than men.  Racism is alive and well and hate is prelavent. Trump has brought this out front and center.....

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  1. i know how your daughter feels. i am more pained for our children than for myself. i love that she is able to articulate her disappointment however. we will all keep on keeping on.