Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fleas and a split second

I didn' t know if I wanted to write on this blog anymore, but here I am typing.  It's absolutely true that an entire life can change in a split second.  My daughter and I went to her apartment off campus the first weekend of June to pack her stuff up and get her moved out. As we were packing we realized that her apartment was infested in fleas and I didn't want them traveling back home with me..... I decided that we needed to find the nearest Walmart to get flea bombs, set them off and pack up on another weekend.  I haven't lived in Austin since 1996 and it has grown tremendously, so I am not familiar with the city anymore.  I got lost, took a wrong turn, didn't see the signal lights at all, as I ran a red light at a major intersection, getting T-boned on the passengers side where my daughter was sitting..... My reaction as I was passing under the bridge, not seeing the signal lights at first, then looking up, realizing it was a red light I was going through, my head and body turned to my daughter as I watched the impact occur in that split second. All I wanted to do was grab her in that instance and prayed that she would be ok. The Fire dept, EMS and Police couldn't believe that we made it out of the wreck, much less on our own, I'm traumatized that I put my daughters life in danger as well as the other driver.  The car is totalled, but we are alive and all the material stuff can be replaced.  I truly believe in God, angels and guiding spirits. I believe we are all connected spiritually. They say everything happens for a reason, but something like this I just can't figure out why...yet. I love all my kids dearly and I love my husband. I work to support my family and I try my best to be a good person. I am thankful that God, angels and guiding spirits were watching over us.

One more thing, my mother sent me a picture of St. Nicholas in 1994 with a note on the back of it saying that St Nicholas was watching over me and she prayed that he watch over my entire family.  I had framed that picture and gave it to my daughter, and she had it in her apartment. Before realizing there were fleas in her apartment and deciding to  leave for the store, I had packed it in the trunk of the car with some other pictures.  When we retrieved our personal items out of the car a couple of weeks later, the pictures had broken frames and glass everywhere, except St. Nicholas. The frame wasn't broken and even though the glass was shattered, it was still in place, like a mosaic of clear glass.  


  1. Oh Drita! I am so glad that you and your daughter are ok! How terrifying your experience must have been but I thank God your angels were watching over you both. I know you must be so shaken thinking about it, but you are safe, and your beloved child is safe. Hold each other tight. Lovelovelove

    1. Thank you for your kind and loving words. I'm hugging my daughter a bit tighter now.

  2. Glad you are both safe :) I believe fully in the power of God and his watching over our every moment...xoxo