Sunday, November 3, 2013

it's gone to the chickens!

October is behind us, and as November starts rolling in, there is always room for change.

Over the last five months only a few pieces of my pendants, stepping stones and other glass items that I've created have sold in the space I rent at Homestead Handcrafts. (No where near coming close to covering the rent) So instead of keep paying rent for my glass to collect dust I've decided  to sell my finds!

I have always loved hunting for rustic/unique items on my weekends so I decided to go on a hunt, and what I found where chickens! lots and lots of chickens! Pictures, metal, ceramic and wooden chickens galore! I moved out Halloween items and moved in the chickens! I haven't removed all of my fused glass plates and pendants, but I have a feeling the chickens will move much faster. I hope they do so I can continue my hunts and supply my space with unique items. I think I might like this adventure!!!!!

                                Chickens and roosters painted on waved metal and framed in wood
                                                                      28"x 12.5"
I actually forgot to put this one in the shop, so if your interested let me know, otherwise it ill be in my space next week.

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