Friday, July 13, 2012

Diamond in the rough shines bright today!!!

Back in May I mentioned that I bought a $5.00 solid wood coffee table from a garage sale. It was neglected, scratched up, chewed in some places and it looked like it was ready for the trash!! Well I could see past all the damage and took it home. Over the past few weekends I spent time sanding, fixing and finally stained it.

Now it's MY new beautiful solid wood coffee table! 

I am thinking of adding some glass art to the sides of the table.  When I come up with a design that I think will compliment it, I will be adding it! 


  1. It looks great. And $5! I'll be breaking out the sander soon too.

  2. The tables are 4.5 x 2 feet and 30 inches high. They have a laminate top and a solid wood base. The tops have scratches but you could call that “character”. They should be able to be sanded, primed and painted if you wanted a pretty top. They are fine as they are for my purposes. I'm sure that I will be scratching them.

    1. They would be perfect desks to sit at and work, I just need something a little taller so I can work standing. Thanks for letting me know!