Friday, December 15, 2023

Handmade Christmas gifts hit or miss

 I'm taking a few minutes this morning for myself before the day gets busy. The nice thing is that my clients are in California so my work and communication with them technically starts at 11am central, and goes late into the evening. I don't mind since I can enjoy a cup of coffee before I start my day.

This year I asked my family what they wanted for Christmas and  a few of them wanted something handmade by me.  Since none of them read my blog I can share.  My daughtrs BF is the sweetest guy and he is plant lover with a green thumb and loves nature!  When he asked me to make something for him, I thought about the colors he loves, the butterfiles that always seem to land on him and all of the green plants he takes care of in his home.   I pulled out my glass, cooper foil,  soldering tools, and patina. The black patina I'm not sure I should have used, but in the end I did. 

It's been rainy grey days lately, and I hope when the sunshine though this, the colors will be vibrant.

I also  made fused glass tiles for the boxes I had ordered.  I created glass dots for the flowers and used a cake decorating tip and bag to draw out the lines, leaves and initals with a mix of aloe vera and powdered glass.  I think I'd like to take a cake decorating class as it would convey with this mixture.  Once you push the glass out through the tip is stays exactly as its created and dries.  So with a tac fuse of 1350 degrees in the kiln, the shape is still there.

I'm done creating in the studio for now, and just need to clean up so my daughter can take over and start creating while she's here.  I stocked the studio with bueatiful colors of glass and can't wait to see what she creates!


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