Wednesday, January 6, 2021

My own Gift

 It's always feels good to give, but sometimes it's just nice to buy a gift for yourself.

My Christmas gift arrived today from the Ukraine. I was shopping for a painting for my cousin in Florida who loves Lighthouses, the really colorful kind.(which I found on Etsy from St. Petersburg Russia and bought for her). While I was looking on Etsy for my cousins gift, I came across this two toned oil painting of a lighthouse and it just struck me. I didn't order it right away, I kept going back and looking at it. Within the painting I saw very cold early day and couldn't stop thinking about it. After a few days I finally bought it. It was late November and it just arrived today.

The packaging was air tight in multiple layers, signed with a description on the back, and was accompanied by a letter that I can't read since it's in Russian.  I am pretty happy with my purchase!!  Now I just need to hang it up and stare at it for a while.  

Friday, January 1, 2021

January 1, 2021

2020 seems surreal and even though we have a vaccine, I think for the common people it will seem that the strange and dangerous times of 2020 will linger too long into 2021. Hopefully things will be better soon and things will get back to normal sometime in the near future.  For me personally, I realized that I am much more of an introvert than I thought. I only have a handful of things that I repetitively did that I enjoyed outside of my work and home, but they meant a lot to me.  

I miss spending time at my favorite coffee shop, I miss seeing the people that work there, the atmosphere of being able to daydream, sketch and just be. I miss going to the museum and all the events they held throughout the year. I miss the art festivals. I miss seeing people that I know.

On a light side of things.  I still worked in real estate as it is an essential job since people need a place to live. I stayed busy throughout 2020 so I was blessed to be able to pay my bills. While at one of the homes that I sold, there was a poker table, a really NICE poker table.... now mind you, I never played poker but I quickly realized I could like playing poker, so I bought the table from the homeowner!

We spent New Years Eve playing dominoes and then poker until the wee hours into the morning of the 1st day of 2021!  Yup, I can play! We all enjoyed ourselves! 

I wish everyone reading this a very happy and healthy New Year!  


Sunday, August 9, 2020

Shared memories - Frances and John

#Disclaimer: I am not a writer, or a story teller, not a good one anyway, but want to share my memories. We are living and going through a crazy times,  and I am not in denial of what is going on around me.

I want to share with you my memories of certain experiences and people that have come in to my life and sadly are no longer here.  I’d like to start out with the summer when I was six.  It was my first flight ever, and I was by myself flying to NYC from the mid-west as a six-year-old. I was so excited and happy! I got to meet the pilots and get my plastic little wings pinned on me by a beautiful stewardess.  I got to sit at the front by the window and fell in love with flying. 

When I arrived in NYC my aunt and uncle lived in a building on the corner of 124th Street and Rockaway Beach Blvd, in Rockaway Beach, NY.  The building was located at the end of the beach block, and it  had a grand entrance, foyer and staircase. Built back in the early nineteen hundred’s it housed plenty of single people that worked in the city. I was told by a long time resident that many actors had lived there. I can imagine how the foyer may have looked like with chairs and couches back in its heyday, but when I arrived it was large and empty, only a wall of locked mailboxes.  The majority of the apartments studios with very few being one or two bedrooms.  The elevator in the building and was tiny even by a six-year old’s perception, and it always kept breaking down.  Next to the elevator there was an apartment where Frances, John and their Mom lived. 

I wasn’t shy about knocking on the door when I realized that Frances lived there and he was my age.  The door opened their mom was holding John on her hip. All John had on was a diaper and a full head of brown straight hair with bangs, he must have been about 2 or 3 years old.  I asked their Mom if Frances could come out and play in the foyer with me.  Frances bounced out of the house with his curly blonde hair and bright eyes.  That entire summer we played together in the foyer with our imaginations running wild!  We had such a great time together! 

I would visit every summer but as we got older, we grew apart, and I always knew that both John and Frances were a bit different. Their childhood wasn’t normal as they spent a lot of time in doctor’s offices and hospitals. They were both hemophiliacs.  By the time we were teenagers in the mid 80’s HIV was prevalent and both boys got infected.  It was taboo, people shunned the ones that contracted the virus and I can't imagine what they both went through growing up during that time

I came back to live full time in NYC when I was 19 with a baby in tow.  Staying with my Aunt and Uncle again, this time across the street from the building in a house they bought. From the front porch I saw Frances walking down the street in an intense conversation with a young lady about the same age.  I could see he was upset just the way he was walking and smoking the cigarette in his hand. As much as I wanted to run down and say hello, I didn’t want to interrupt them.  It was the last time I saw him before he died from complication of HIV.  John died a couple of years later. 

Around the time that John died, I was walking down the street with my son in hand, when Frances and Johns Mom was walking towards me. She stopped in front of me and told me that she has lost her purpose in life since both her children were gone and didn’t know what to do with her life.  I remember just standing there and looking at her then down at my own four-year-old son knowing what she meant, but I didn't have any type of response but a nod.  

I will always remember Frances as my childhood friend playing in the Foyer in the building and John in diapers in his Mother’s arms.  They will always be in my heart. 

Monday, May 11, 2020

A new day

My last post was October, 2019.......  From October until now so much has changed.  When I left my full time job on Friday September 13th, I didn't even take a day off before jumping in full time into real estate.  I was showing homes, holding open houses, writing contracts, learning new computer programs, taking classes, and had to be told to take a day off.... which to me I enjoyed everything so much that I didn't feel like stopping, I was enjoying it, I was having fun meeting new people, looking at all different types of homes and not being behind a cubicle all day.  December came so quickly and I was so busy that my usual routine of sending Christmas cards out to family and friends, was out the window. Christmas shopping didn't happen until the week before Christmas. To top all of that off Christmas eve I still didn't have a gift for my husband, and I didn't know what to get him.  I'm in Best buy with ll the electronic gadgets and couldn't choose when I remembered  he had complained about the vacuum, so I got him a new vacuum for Christmas.  I guess that was a poor choice as a Christmas gift, but he opened the box on Christmas morning, was a bit surprised, and vacuumed that afternoon to test it out.  I felt bad about putting my traditions to the side, and not taking my time for thoughtful gifts,  but I was finally happy doing work that I enjoyed.  I was getting busier as each day passed. I didn't think about creating any art until I had to create my 2020 goal board and they gave us each a large canvas. I was so excited!!! I painted  a bunch of little homes with sold signs on them as I drove by in my little pretend red sports car to my little pretend beach house.

 March came and everything changed. It was already changing around the world and now it was here.  All the people getting sick in and so many dying. NYC shutting down. Who would have ever thought?  I was on the phone with my daughter daily not knowing what the school was going to do.  Then they just shut down abruptly and my daughter was on a flight home 2 days later. It was also 2 days before my 51st birthday. It was bitter sweet that our world was shutting down due to a pandemic. I was thankful that I got to spend my birthday with all my kids and hubby together but I was sad that it was under these conditions.

As everything slowed down, shut down or got cancelled April went by so fast it felt like a blur.
Zoom meetings, masks in the stores and office buildings.  staying at home.   It's been nice that I have my daughter here since my husband and son are deemed essential workers.  I leave only when necessary and mostly work from home.  This week I received an email from Say Si, stating they have decided to do an online auction for their school and invited artists to donate their work.  I was so excited!  I responded immediately and got to work. I named this piece A New Day.  It will go up for auction in June and I will make an effort to share on my blog.

9"x9" fused glass with painted background in shadow box

 I hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

It's been so long.....

Soooo many things have changed!
Let me start off by saying that when I turned 50 back in March, I thought a lot about my life, and the changes that I wanted... I was pretty unhappy.  But all the changes in my life didn't start just with me turning 50. A lot of it had to do with my daughter.

I had the opportunity to go to New England and stay in Providence, RI,  visit Newport, Boston, Salem and Cape Cod!  All this because My daughter applied and got in RISD to go get her Masters in Glass blowing!!!!  WHO would have thought Glass Blowing!!   YES,  I LOVE my glass, and YES, I did push her to take a class at Pilchuck because she was so unhappy in working front of a computer all day.  That one week class changed her life. She said that on the first day she walked into the hot shop, she knew that's where she belonged.  You can't beat that feeling!

On our trip up there to get her settled in, we were lucky enough to be joined by my lovely cousin from NY. My cousin drove upe and brought a bed for my daughter, so she would have something to sleep on in her new apartment!  My cousin is also very adventurous and off we went to all thew different places!!  We loved our girls time together!!!

During my trip I took everything in, thought about my life, and decided I need to change my life.  I took a leap of Faith and quit my job after 18 years. I started a full time career as a REALTOR®!   I also tweaked my personal life just a bit, by working out at the gym a few times a week, meditating more, and having my artwork shown at different places around town. Now, even though it's pretty recent,  I have been meeting new people, I'm going to places that I have never been, (even within the city of San Antonio!)  I am LEARNING a lot of new thing including new software programs and new (to me) technology!   When I made the decision to quit my decent paying, pretty secure job and put myself out there on a limb with commissions only, my gut feeling was peaceful. Yes I was scared, and still am a bit, but I do NOT have the pit in my stomach saying I made the wrong choice.

I am living my life fearlessly! (thank you Anita Moorjani)

Here is my REALTOR® picture !

And here are a few pics from our trip! 

                                          My daughter, me and my cousin

driving into Boston

some interesting folks waiting to cross the street

Art show in Boston


the wooden model of the The House of Seven Gables

The garden at The House of Seven Gables

The oldest candy shoppe-Salem

Sunflower garden in Providence RI


Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Reinventing and creating

I have been creating things, changing things, and just thinking about the next tthing I'm going to do.

Last month I saw a side table for sale on a local site for $20. So I bought it. I knew from the moment I saw it I was going to re-paint it.
I painted it white and blue because that was the paint I had from the bookshelves, and I really like thise colors.


After I finished painting it I had to add some artwork.....

I designed some birds taking inspiration from a book on ancient glass. 

This was the drawing with glass powder on clear glass 17"x17"

Then I had to add color.... Glass powders

I full fused it to 1465 degrees and this is what it currently looks like...

I am going to add some more glass accents and refire it.  Let's see how that turns out. 

Meanwhile I also bought a chair for $5 from the coffee shop I frequent and brought it home and changed its color from black to gum drop...

And finally tonight I put 10 fused glass cat coasters up 
for sale on "Nextdoor" and on Facebook for $15. Each and all the proceeds will be donated to the Humane Society of Live Oak

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Thankful for the weekend

There's a buzzing feeling in my head. An anxiety I can not shake.  A feeling of upheaval when everything is calm around me.  Is it something I don't know about? Is it pre-menopause?  Or is it just dissatisfaction.....

I am trying to figure things out but the more I try the more confused I get.  I know that things happen in there own time. Things happen for a reason and sometimes you just have to sit back and wait.  However, I'm not sure what I am waiting for, and have this distinct feeling that I need to get up and do something different with my life but I have no clue as to what to do....

I know I am not supposed to compare my life with others but I see people moving forward and I feel stuck. I feel like I need to talk with a counselor or life coach to help me figure things out, but I also feel that I should just rely on my instincts and things will work out....  I am a bit confused.

On the brighter side....
I was thankful yesterday was Friday, and I went out and bought 3 more rose bushes to make myself feel better.  I love roses, the way look, smell, and the thorns they have to protect themselves.  My rose garden will now have three different types of red roses, two types of pink roses, a white rose, a purple rose and three hybrid peach/yellow, deep pink/white and red/orange.  I have now run out of room for anymore more bushes.  If I can get them all to bloom at one time I will take a collective picture.