Wednesday, January 6, 2021

My own Gift

 It's always feels good to give, but sometimes it's just nice to buy a gift for yourself.

My Christmas gift arrived today from the Ukraine. I was shopping for a painting for my cousin in Florida who loves Lighthouses, the really colorful kind.(which I found on Etsy from St. Petersburg Russia and bought for her). While I was looking on Etsy for my cousins gift, I came across this two toned oil painting of a lighthouse and it just struck me. I didn't order it right away, I kept going back and looking at it. Within the painting I saw very cold early day and couldn't stop thinking about it. After a few days I finally bought it. It was late November and it just arrived today.

The packaging was air tight in multiple layers, signed with a description on the back, and was accompanied by a letter that I can't read since it's in Russian.  I am pretty happy with my purchase!!  Now I just need to hang it up and stare at it for a while.  

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